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365 Dogs 2021 Boxed

9781523509003 / W09003

The calendar that celebrates pure dogness: those wet noses, exuberantly wagging tails, pet me! expressions, and the loyalty and affection apparent with every nuzzle. Meet bright-eyed Chihuahuas; an Alaskan Labradoodle in mid-leap; a Corgi dressed as a witch for Halloween; plus playful Rotties, gentle giant Mastiffs, adorable and unexpected cat-dog friendships—and one-of-a-kind mutts galore.

•The best and bestselling calendar of its breed, with 5.9 million copies sold
•Featuring the winners of the 2020 Dog Calendar Contest
•Includes health and care tips, quotes, rescue stories, and more
•Weekly contest at

Dimensions: 140 x 138 mm



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