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Chibird 2020 Square

9781449499082 / AM99082

Who couldn’t use their own personal cheerleader? The Chibird 2020 Wall Calendar is here to add a big boost of positivity to your year. Jacqueline Chen’s relatable comics and illustrations offer cute and inspiring perspectives on self-esteem, adulting, and getting through tough times. The Chibird calendar combines charming illustrations with encouraging messages to cheer you on month after month and includes a page of adorable Chibird stickers. Chen’s chubby penguins, bunnies, Chibirds, and friends of all shapes will put a smile on your face, just as they have for millions on Instagram, Tumblr, and GIPHY.•Plenty of space to add appointments, reminders, and special occasions•Bonus spread for September–December 2019•Includes major official world holidays•From the author of Loading Penguin Hugs

Dimensions: 305 x 305 mm



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