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The Far Side® After Hours 2021 Wall Calendar

9781524862985 / AM62985

The Far Side® After Hours 2021 Wall Calendar is ready to grace the world’s vertical surfaces with witty, never-before-seen artwork by bestselling cartoonist Gary Larson.

PEERLESS PROPERTY: With over 40 million books and 77 million calendars sold (let’s just round up to a bajillion), The Far Side® is an unprecedented cartoon phenomenon.

BRILLIANT-NEW ARTWORK: The twelve original pieces of art offer a look at Gary’s new digital painting style, making it hugely appealing to legions of loyal fans.

TIMELESS APPEAL: Popularity of The Far Side® has surged again following the launch of website in 2019—which saw more than 1 million visitors in the first week—bringing the cartoon into the digital age and presenting Gary Larson’s work to a new generation.



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