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The Original Sloths 2021 Square

9781523508396 / W08396

Sloths features a dozen portraits of chilled-out sloths doing what sloths do best: snuggling, nibbling hibiscus flowers (their favourite treat!), soaking up the sun, and just hanging around—literally. The adorable full-colour images are accompanied by fascinating sloth facts: Did you know sloths have more neck vertebrae than any other mammal, giving them a grazing radius of 270 degrees without expending the energy to move the rest of their body? Welcome to life in the slow lane.

•Our 2nd bestselling wall calendar, after Mum’s Family
•From British filmmaker and sloth expert Lucy Cooke
•Pygmy sloths, two-toed sloths, Bradypus sloths—it’s a cuddle-puddle of a calendar

Dimensions: 305 x 305 mm



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