Now that it’s almost 2018, it’s time to get rid of your calendar from 2017… but it seems like such a waste to throw away quality glossy paper with pretty pictures, right? So don’t! Upcycling the pages into usable objects is a good way to reuse your old calendars.

Here are some suggestions to start you off;

  • Gift Wrap: Take the old calendar pages, and turn them into gift wrap.
  • Envelopes: Create cute envelopes from calendar pages to stuff with greeting cards.
  • Notecards: Stick the calendar pictures on cardboard to create notecards, which you can then send to friends.
  • Magnets: Use the pictures to make magnets for your fridge. Here’s a tutorial on how to make magnets.
  • Gift Bag: Fold your calendar pages into a unique and eco-friendly gift bag. Here’s how to fold a gift bag.
  • Framed Art: Frame some of the best calendar images for around your home.

Original article: via PopSugar. Image: clemencepolge.