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Thank you for your interest in BrownTrout Publishers. BrownTrout is a worldwide publisher of quality calendars and gift products. We lead the market as a supplier of calendars in the pet, travel, wilderness, wildlife, fine art, automobiles, sports, Australiana, Kiwiana, national parks, cities, states, regional, and other categories.

Submission Guidelines for Professional Photographers:

If you have not submitted to BrownTrout before, you must send us a proposal for consideration. Please email your proposal, with links, to In your email be sure to state your niche, specialty and/or subjects that you photograph; and provide links to samples of work that directly relates to existing BrownTrout products. You can learn more about BrownTrout Publishers and our products at Thanks for your interest in BrownTrout and our products!

PLEASE NOTE: These guidelines are for informational purposes only. They do not constitute a solicitation of material.

Once your work is accepted for consideration, please follow the digital image submission specifications below.

300dpi, RGB, .jpg
Minimum 3800 pixels wide – height is proportional.
Do not send any other format including .tiff, .png, .psd, .gif, .eps, etc.

We will accept new material only. Do not send images that you have previously submitted in prior years. Unless you have directed us otherwise, we move forward and make all images available to our Photo Editors for the next year.

File Naming

We require a very specific file naming convention. Each image must be numbered (however you like), but the file name must include your initials (first and last name).

(“JS” for photographer John Smith. DO NOT use your full name.)

  • Do not use spaces, symbols (i.e., ©$%&#\@*-“/) or punctuation in your file name.
  • Instead of spaces, please use an underscore “_” (note example above).
  • Keep file names short and do not exceed 15 characters.

This is the number that you have assigned to the image.

Your name.
Format this photo credit information exactly as you would like it to appear in print.
Contents in this field will appear exactly the same way on the printed calendar. EXAMPLE:
©John Smith

Include subject, location (city, state, country, etc.) and date (month, year).

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