January 1, 2018
BrownTrout Publishers Ethical Sourcing Policy

BrownTrout is committed to maintaining an ethical sourcing policy. Ethical sourcing in the publishing industry ensures that all printers and suppliers to BrownTrout conform to ethical standards in the manufacture and distribution of goods supplied to BrownTrout, in the sourcing of raw material for BrownTrout and in our social responsibility for our stakeholders, customers and team members. Suppliers must ensure that the production processes they use do not involve exploitation or represent a danger to health, safety or the environment.

The primary points of concern and emphasis are as follows:

  • No child labour, forced labour, or slave labour will be tolerated for any supplier working with BrownTrout.
  • Discrimination based upon ethnic, religious, racial, or sexual orientation will not be tolerated.
  • Wages and work hours must meet or exceed the minimum local standards and applicable laws.
  • Plant safety standards must meet or exceed guidelines set by local applicable laws.
  • All standards are also applicable to all sub-contractors who work on products for BrownTrout, and to suppliers to BrownTrout’s manufacturers.

BrownTrout supports environmental sustainability by demanding from our suppliers that they meet the following standards:

  • All materials must be sourced in a manner that supports sustainability.
  • No known carcinogens to be used in any BrownTrout products except in certain cases where there is no substitute, and then this carcinogen must be called out on the product packaging to conform with California Proposition 65 standards.
  • To the extent possible all paper must meet FSC standards.
  • Inks must not contain harmful chemicals.
  • All excess materials used in manufacturing should be to the extent possible reused or recycled.

BrownTrout conducts onsite reviews of all suppliers each year. Where violations of the above policies are found, BrownTrout will force remedial action or quit using said supplier.

Mike Brown

President + CEO